Anji Grainger: Elements of Nature and Texture in Watercolor

Anji Grainger: Elements of Nature and Texture in Watercolor
Instructor : Workshop Instructor

Fri - Sun, June 16 - 18, 2023
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
All Levels | Watercolor

This workshop offers a 3-day exploration into creating unique textured patterns using different elements to produce dynamic results with watercolor. Create beautiful, textured patterns in your watercolor paintings by employing nontraditional techniques using plant materials, salt, stones and other elements. See how watercolor pigments react and leave beautiful patterns on your paper. This workshop will also emphasize composition and design principles. Each day I will demonstrate and teach different techniques and methods to create unusual outcomes. This workshop connects us with nature and lets each creating artist discover the magic of patterns in natural things that are around us.







About Anji Grainger:

Anji Grainger has studied with acclaimed contemporary artists in both Italy and France and is an award winning artist. She has brought her talent and knowledge to the OSA community for over five years.

My work derives its inspiration from the magic and wonders of nature.   I am drawn to see and focus on what others may not notice.  If we look closely, there are many wonders to see inside a raindrop, within the soft folds of a rose petal or in the tiny pieces of pollen clinging to the back of a bumble bee.    My goal is to give the viewer a look into the unique creations that surround us and to portray a feeling of magic and mystery. 

"Anji’s careful instructions and supportive instruction helped me grow my work and learn new techniques!"

Price: Member $ 335.00 | Non-Member $ 395.00

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